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First part of the job was "audition week".  A parade of singers  brought me  sheet music of every font  and style, for backup  during try-out songs.

Then two months of rehearsal, starting and stopping the music again and again, as the director, actors, singers and dancers put the show together piece by piece, line by line, step by step, note by note.  The rest of the orchestra turned up during the last week for dress rehearsals.

We did "Oklahoma!", "Tom Sawyer", "Seussical", and "Footloose" 

A five-piece Classic Rock Band having a lot of fun playing Beatles, Stones, Chuck Berry, Elton John, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, etc etc etc at private parties and public venues all over Long Island.

2006-10--  CRUISE SHIPS  --   Pianobar Entertainer,    Accompanist,   Dining Room Pianist

CELEBRITY----------------- Alaska, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Caribbean

ROYAL CARIBBEAN --- Bermuda, Haiti

HOLLAND AMERICA -- Europe, S. America, Caribbean, Australia, Japan/China, Mexico, Antarctica

The contracts said "Piano Bar Entertainer" and that's primarily what I did, four hours a night, usually seven nights a week. The flexibility to do other piano tasks came in handy very frequently.

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