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1986-87-- STEVE  LYNCH  DUO 

A return to onstage piano playing after twelve years of Hammond organ, clavinet, synthesizers, and various key bass instruments with dance-oriented small groups.  

1988 --     GATTI  CIRCUS

One last group using electronic stuff.  A synth key bass in the left hand, a second synth in the right hand, with a drummer and trumpeter -- a trio that made a lot of noise backing up clowns, acrobats, a singing ringmaster, 8 lions, 8 elephants, 4 trapeze artists, etc etc in a crazy 9-month tour of western United States and Canada. The trio un-officially called itself the Circus Jerques. 

at  "Blanche" (Farmingdale, NY),    The Duplex (NYC),      As Time Goes By (Brightwaters, NY),           Thunders (Huntington, NY),              Eleanors Piano Lounge (Oakdale, NY)
The Blanche gig lasted four years, providing a perfect forum for trying out singalong routines. Pacing, playing off particular "catalyst" people, abbreviating tunes to the "catchy" parts-----it was a thorough education,  with the added satisfaction of really knowing my "fans" by name.

It was also a thorough education in accompaniment.  A steady stream of new and different singers, and a corresponding stream of new music.  I learned - by memory - many hundreds of great songs, in all genres, during this phase.

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