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1991-98-- HOUSE PIANIST - Cavalier Restaurant, Jackson Heights

A quaint, sedate  family restaurant -- repertoire here was any tune with sufficient melody and writing craft to lend itself to a piano arrangement. This included not only the traditional American Songbook masters like Gershwin, Rodgers, Porter and Berlin,  but post-rock era composers such as Jobim, Bacharach, Lennon&McCartney, Michel LeGrande, Carole King, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Billy Joel. More use of "stride" piano in the style of Teddy Wilson, Art Tatum, Fats Waller.


Actually some of the people in this 8-person troupe were good enough for Broadway, but they were destined for suburban family life.  They sang, danced, did skits, wrote plays, had a very good time, and I served as their Musical Director  for spring and autumn shows.

1997-2003-- THE JOLLY SWAGMAN    (Piano bar/vocal)

This large memorable madhouse attracted people from all over Long Island, who came  to unwind and laugh on the weekend. What they had in common was their age  - roughly 40-60.  A great many of them were singers,  as soloists,   and also in groups as they chimed their way through tunes by the Beatles, Four Seasons,  Ronnettes, Four Freshman, Eagles, Platters, Everly Brothers, and a host of other tunes that invited vocal harmonies. The music continued long after midnight.  Long-lasting friendships were forged here.

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